Al-Sudani reaches the depth of the Kurdish dispute.. Will he succeed in resolving a knot that Washington was unable to solve?

Al-Sudani reaches the depth of the Kurdish dispute.. Will he succeed in resolving a knot that Washington was unable to solve?

After several months passed after the formation of the government and the end of the season of conflicts on the positions, except that things are different in Kurdistan, the conflicts reached a height and the relationship between the two main ruling parties, Al-Barti and Al-Kati, led to the fragmentation of the Kurdish political decision as a whole.

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* The decision policy

And in the hadith about the Kurdish differences, Ghazi Kakai, a member of the Kurdish National Union, affirms that the Kurdistan Democratic Party continues to pursue the one-decision policy in Kurdistan, while insisting that the political party is aligned with the Al-Swani political government in many cases.

Kakai said in a hadith to Al-Malawama that “the gathering between Bafil Talabani and State leader Muhammad Shia al-Sudani came to track down an answer for a few clashing records with al-Barti”, bringing up that “the obligation to goals will just damage the Kurdish resident and this isn’t what the Public Association looks for”.

He proceeded, “You examine the chance of holding the impending decisions for the Kurdistan district, notwithstanding the need of the Kurdish residents’ components of the political contrasts between the Association and the Progressive faction”, alluding to them as “supporting the public authority in accelerating the endorsement of the oil and gas regulation”.

Westifurt: ” The political relationship of the Kurdish Public Affiliation is agreed with the political assembly of Al-Swani in huge quantities of the issues that the vote based framework rejects.”

It has been alleged that the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the National Union, and the new prison are attempting to stall the progression of the Oil and Gas Law, which is considered the most crucial component of the Union Budget.

Al-Qaida al-Hizb, Wafaa Muhammad, said in a hadith to Al-Malawama that “the oil and gas law is more important than the federal balance law, and its approval according to the political agreement concluded between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil will eliminate many disputes about the oil file.”

That’s what he added “there are known ideological groups, Kurdish gatherings faithful to these gatherings, attempting to forestall an understanding between the middle and the district, particularly the regulation of the oil and gas regulation inside the arch of the parliament”.

The leader of the Barzani party explained that “the Kurdish parties represented by the Kurdish National Union and the New Jail, they are trying to delay the passage of the law according to the Sudanese and Barzani agreement to form the current government.”

*Approximate views

On a related level, Jassim Al-Mousawi, the representative of the State of Law Coalition, reveals the new government measures to end the conflicts in Kurdistan.

Al-Musawi said in a hadith to Al-Malawama/ that “there is a move by the current government to end the differences to prevent the situation from slipping and reaching a state of chaos in Kurdistan”, pointing out that “all partners will work to bring together the views of the interest in achieving political stability for all the components involved in the political process”.

The relationship between Al-Barti and Al-Walikiti is witnessing a significant deterioration and continuous conflicts, from 2018 to the present, where the conflicts between the Kurdish parties within the Kurdistan Region continue regarding many issues related to the election law.


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