Al-Sudani: Iraq’s relationship with America must develop beyond security issues

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On Friday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani emphasized the need for Iraq and America to strengthen their relations in all areas, not just security.
This is a CNN interview with Al-Sudani discussing the need for Iraq’s relationship with the US to move beyond security concerns.
Al-Sudani has confirmed that he has been invited by US President Joe Biden and that a date for the meeting is being arranged by the US and Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs this year. He emphasized that one of the key issues to be discussed is the strategic framework agreement.
According to him, the agreement between the two countries should be put into action as there is a strong desire to strengthen their relationship. He emphasized that the relationship between the United States and Iraq should not just focus on security matters, as important as they are. Instead, other important areas and opportunities should also be explored. Iraq is a country with abundant economic resources and holds significant influence in the energy market. There are many economic, service, and urban sectors in which American companies can work and contribute to the development of Iraq.
The Iraqi Prime Minister expressed concern about the security situation and the country’s relationship with the international coalition in Iraq.
According to Al-Sudani, Iraq currently does not require any combat forces, regardless of whether they are from the United States or any other international coalition countries. He believes that the Iraqi security forces have reached a highly advanced level of readiness, capability, and skill when it comes to maintaining security stability and pursuing ISIS cells. Al-Sudani states that these cells pose no threat to the entity of the state and are only groups that roam the deserts, mountains, and caves.


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