Al-Sudani identifies the parties insisting on a rise in the exchange rate in Iraqi markets

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On Monday, Representative Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sudani identified the parties pushing for a higher dollar exchange rate in Iraqi markets, highlighting the differences between the governments of Al-Kadhimi and Sudan.
During an interview with Al-Ma’louma Agency, Al-Sudani discussed the disparity between the previous and current government’s approach to the dollar-dinar exchange rate. According to Al-Sudani, the Al-Kadhimi government increased the exchange rate, whereas he worked to lower the prices.
He remarked, “There are various local and international interests that are determined to maintain the high value of the dollar.” He went on to explain that the dollar is a significant initiative aimed at compelling the government to pursue a particular course favored by these foreign powers.
According to a member of the House of Representatives, the current government has been facing several challenges in different areas, such as dealing with the fluctuating value of the dollar and importing gas from Iran. The government is making efforts to prevent Iraq from financially supporting the Iranian government, which is backed by the American Federal Bank.
The Iraqi markets are still experiencing a continuous increase in the dollar exchange rates. However, there are conflicting opinions regarding the actual reasons behind the depletion of the local currency once again. This rise in rates has reached levels that may pose a significant threat to the country’s economy.
Washington is causing chaos and hindering Iraq’s progress by playing malicious cards, especially with the dollar.


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