Al-Sudani decides to involve the World Bank in auditing the designs of the “development project” and comments on concerns

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On Saturday, Iraqi State leader Muhammad Shia al-Sudani coordinated that the World Bank be engaged with evaluating the plans of the improvement street project. According to a statement obtained by Shafaq News Agency, this occurred during his presidency of the third meeting of the Supreme Committee for Implementing the Development Road Project.

They “discussed the extent of the impact of international road projects, to be implemented in the region, on the development road project, and discussed the project’s work strategy and the economic model presented by the contracting consulting team.” During the meeting, they also discussed the project’s work strategy.

Al-Sudani coordinated the Services of Transport and the Leading body of Counsels to “set up a system for contracting with the World Bank to be an accomplice in evaluating the venture plans ready by the Italian expert.”

After establishing strategies and communicating the project’s concepts to the countries contributing to it, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of reflecting the project’s impact on a variety of Iraqi activities from an economic, industrial, service, and social perspective.

Al-Sudani expressed that “the improvement street undertaking will give a coordinated transportation organization, and will be a worldwide promoting entryway for the results of the modern urban communities that will be laid out and about, as well as making new venture development shafts.”


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