Al-Sudani accuses America of “fabricating” the dollar crisis: a big conspiracy against the government

Al-Sudani accuses America of
Al-Sudani accuses America of "fabricating" the dollar crisis: a big conspiracy against the government

Today, Saturday, member of Parliament Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sudani accused the United States of fabricating the crisis of the rise in dollar prices in Iraqi markets. He also confirmed the existence of a big conspiracy and sent a warning message to those who violate the government’s instructions.

During an interview with Al-Maalouma agency, Al-Sudani claimed that the high exchange rates of the dollar in the Iraqi markets are not genuine, but rather fabricated by the United States. He highlighted that Washington is attempting to apply multiple pressures on the current government.

He stated that the Prime Minister’s decision to limit the exchange rates of the dollar to not exceed 132 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars was an attempt to control the increasing rise. However, the rise still persists in the markets, which suggests that there may be a large conspiracy at play.

In regards to handling dollar prices, Al-Sudani has promised to take strong action against those who violate government instructions. These individuals will face deterrent measures and be held accountable for their role in contributing to the high exchange rates in local markets.

Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, an economist, recently criticized the United States’ economic policies towards Iraq. He pointed out that the US allows Gulf countries to trade with penalized countries using US dollars, while preventing Iraq from doing the same. This double standard is concerning and unfair.
In the past week, the US Treasury made the decision to prohibit 14 Iraqi banks from trading and selling hard currency. As a result, the value of the dollar rose in local markets.


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