Al-Shabki: The Sinjar Agreement is just ink on paper

Al-Shabki: The Sinjar Agreement is just ink on paper
Al-Shabki: The Sinjar Agreement is just ink on paper

Today, Friday, former MP Muhammad al-Shabki stated that the Sinjar agreement has not been implemented due to the disregard for the opinions of the district’s inhabitants. He pointed out that the Democratic Party is exerting its authority over the district to achieve strategic objectives.

According to Al-Shabki, the Kurdish officials’ statements regarding Sinjar stem from their perception of the federal government’s weakness. As a result, they are attempting to exploit the current situation and the government’s focus on the elections. Al-Maalouma was informed of this.

He stated that the Sinjar Agreement was merely a document that was not effectively implemented as it was not communicated to the people in the region. Moreover, it contained unjust clauses against Nineveh as a whole and the Sinjar district specifically, particularly regarding the issue of power overlaps. This is because the region is under the jurisdiction of Nineveh Governorate, yet the Democratic Party enforces its authority over the area, including the appointment of the District Commissioner and managing the service file.

He pointed out that the Sinjar district is situated in the far west of Nineveh Governorate and is not affiliated with the region. The regional government currently exercises its control over this district, including its wealth, as part of a strategic plan.


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