Al-Saadi: The state order will be issued within hours to cut off the route of funds to Kurdistan

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The legitimate master responsible for the claim against the legislatures of Baghdad and Erbil with respect to sending cash, Muhammad Al-Saadi, affirmed, on Monday, the expectation of the issuance of a state request by the Government High Court to prevent sending cash from Baghdad to Erbil.

Al-Saadi said in an explanation to Al-Maalouma, “today saw the documenting of a claim against the states of Baghdad and Erbil in regards to the illegality of sending financial plan assets to Kurdistan.”
He added, “The Government Court has taken up the case, and the state choice will be given in no less than 24 hours from the date of recording the case, as per the law.”
He brought up that “the documenting of the claim came to hinder the way for Baghdad to send cash to Erbil, given that the claim is viewed as in a basic way after Baghdad’s reaction and guard under the steady gaze of the Bureaucratic High Court,” noticing that “all administration steps with respect to sending cash are in clear infringement of the constitution, which affirms the certainty of pursuing a choice for Baghdad.” “.
The Board of Clergymen had casted a ballot to loan the Iraqi Kurdistan Territorial Government a measure of two trillion and one hundred billion dinars for the ongoing financial year, to be paid in three equivalent portions of (700) billion dinars for every portion, beginning in September.


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