Al-Maliki accuses the US Embassy of supporting “abnormal and deviant” ideas.

Al-Maliki accuses the US Embassy of supporting
Al-Maliki accuses the US Embassy of supporting "abnormal and deviant" ideas.

On Wednesday, a State of Law Coalition member named Abbas al-Maliki claimed that the US embassy is financing groups that promote unconventional ideas and behaviors. He specifically alleged that the embassy endorses homosexuality, gender transition, and women’s empowerment as a means of disrupting Iraqi social harmony.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Al-Maliki stated that the American embassy is attempting to change society’s values through its paid agents. He believes this is to support the malicious projects that the United States is trying to spread in society. Al-Maliki also noted that the United States is fighting Iraq from various angles, including economic, political, cultural, and religious.

He stated that Washington is attempting to cultivate a generation of homosexuals who are interested in corrupt topics and spreading obscenity through the ideas that they present. He also added that the American embassy has enlisted some clerics to weaken the supreme religious authority in front of society.

He made a statement saying that America endorses homosexuality, gender (sex change), and the advancement of women to weaken the unity of Iraqi society. He also urged the government, societal establishments, and media to counteract these efforts.

During a Husayni council, the Commissioner of the Supreme Religious Authority in Najaf, Al-Sayyid Rashid Al-Husseini, issued a warning through the agency/information/ about the potential danger of certain laws that some groups are attempting to impose on the House of Representatives. He emphasized the importance of countering Western agendas that promote obscenity and actively establish it. He also advised against entering into any immoral treaties with the West, such as CEDAW.


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