Al-Furatayn Movement opts out of upcoming provincial elections

Al-Furatayn Movement opts out of upcoming provincial elections

Al-Furatayn Movement opts out of upcoming provincial elections

The “Al-Furatayn” Movement, led by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, has announced that they will not be taking part in the upcoming provincial council elections on December 18th.

The Movement, led by Secretary-General al-Sudani, is an Iraqi political entity that holds a national and historical responsibility in governing the executive authority. They believe that not participating in the upcoming elections is the best action to support the government’s efforts to ensure a successful outcome.

Additionally, the Movement has stated that they have decided to focus on meaningful grassroots efforts during this period. Their priority is to support the government’s reformative and corrective goals. As part of this decision, they have chosen not to participate in elections and will not endorse any other political party or group. They will also refrain from involvement in any unofficial lists or alliances.

The al-Furatayn Movement is committed to avoiding any involvement in political rivalries during the upcoming elections. This strategy allows the Movement to support the government’s efforts to prepare for fair and democratic elections that truly reflect the people’s beliefs and choices. Additionally, PM al-Sudani’s role will be to assist the executive apparatus in providing the necessary support for the secure and successful conduct of the elections.

The Movement made it clear that it is fully committed to achieving this objective and emphasized its unwavering dedication. It encouraged the people of Iraq, including voters and candidates, to do their best from their individual positions to guarantee the success of these elections.

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