Al-Fateh: The American decision still dominates Iraq.. What do we need to get rid of it?

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On Saturday, the Al-Fatah Alliance expressed their belief that the American decision-making process still holds significant influence over Iraq. They also acknowledged that the country has not yet fully recovered. However, they did suggest that it may be possible to remove Iraqi funds from American custody. Aed Sahib, the coalition’s leader, spoke with Maalouma Agency and stated that America is pressuring Iraq due to their failure to fully comply with UN resolutions. Additionally, he expressed concern that removing Iraqi funds from American custody could result in the loss and seizure of those funds.
“The decision made by the Iraqi state has not fully recovered,” he stated. When we compare the strength of Iraqi decision-making with that of Qatar’s in dealing with the United States of America, we can see that Qatar has a significant advantage due to its possession of large sovereign funds.”

The leader of the Al-Amiri coalition further explained that these policies confirm that Iraq has not yet fully recovered, and the American decision continues to dominate and control Iraqi political decision-making.

Sahib emphasized the need for Iraq to have a long period to get rid of these accumulations and take control of its economic situation, free from the influence of America.
Haider al-Abadi, leader of the Victory Alliance, has stated that the United States is enforcing restrictions on Iraq with regards to the use of the dollar, despite ongoing smuggling through banks in Turkey and the Emirates. This indicates that Washington views Iraq as a crucial barrier to their objectives. Recently, the US has implemented sanctions on Iraqi banks and prohibited the use of the dollar on various grounds, resulting in a significant financial crisis in Iraqi markets.


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