Al-Fateh demands the government to install air defenses and radars

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On Wednesday, Ali Al-Fatlawi, a member of the Al-Fatah Alliance, urged the government to take action and install air defenses and modern radar devices. He emphasized that Turkey’s bombing and military incursion have escalated to a point where silence is no longer an option.
During an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Al-Fatlawi stated that Iraq is taking diplomatic steps to stop Turkey’s military violations on Iraqi land. He also mentioned that Al-Sudani has requested multiple times to not use Iraq as a tool for revenge and aggression.
He stated that it is crucial for the government to protect Iraq’s independence and sovereignty from the persistent external attacks by Ankara. He suggested that to achieve this, the government should prioritize the installation of air defenses and modern radar devices.
At the end of his speech, Al-Fatlawi emphasized the urgent need to activate security measures and implement air defenses to curb the ongoing military aggressions against the country. He pointed out that Turkey’s bombing and military invasion have escalated to a point where they can no longer be ignored.
In an interview with Maalouma Agency, security and strategic expert Fadel Abu Ragheef criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for not doing enough to stop the Turkish bombing of Iraq. He also confirmed that the Turkish forces’ incursion has led to over 4,000 areas being bombed in northern Iraq over the past four years. The pretext for these repeated attacks is the fight against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.


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