About a billion dollars in Iraqi Central sales last week

About a billion dollars in Iraqi Central sales last week

The Central Bank of Iraq sold around one billion dollars’ worth of hard currency in US dollars during the past week.

The Central Bank sold nearly $890 million over the course of last week, during the four days that the auction was open. According to an economic correspondent at Shafaq News agency, the daily selling rate was $222 million, which represents a 0.26% increase from the previous week’s daily rate of $221 million.

Last week, the biggest dollar sales were recorded on Thursday, totaling $232,286,896. On the other hand, Sunday recorded the lowest sales of $217,717,136.

Sales of foreign remittances during the past week amounted to 773,632,342 dollars, an increase of 85% compared to cash sales, which amounted to 116,150,000 dollars.

The correspondent clarified that the sales were made through cash and international transfers to finance foreign trade. The The current selling price for documentary credits and international settlements made through electronic cards is 1,305 dinars per dollar. Meanwhile, the selling price for remittances sent overseas and cash sales is 1,310 dinars.


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