A Special Force Arrives in Anbar to Arrest Corrupt Leaders in Progress

iraqi dinar
iraqi dinar

On Tuesday, in Anbar province, a security source disclosed that a security team is approaching from Baghdad to execute arrest warrants for the ones who has ties in corruption in the office of the Anbar province.

The source also added in talk with Al-Maalouma agency, that a security team approaching from Baghdad, partnered with a sum of the Integrity Committee members, made an appearance in the city of Ramadi to start executing the arrest warrants for the official in the Anbar Governate office on the accusation of having ties to corruption and the wrong use of given power for personal gain to receive high ground against other ruling parties.

He then added that the security team owns an information database of many government officials who make use of the given dominance to gain the notice of the ruling party, refers to the Taqaddam Party, in an unlaw and illegitimate manner, a point of highlighting that the force successfully able to arrest two figures wanted by judiciary and is still looking into the last of the wanted figures before going back to Baghdad.

It is noticeable if you think about it that the arresting from the Integrity Commission started when the number of real estate registration and tax directors were taken into custody because they participated in unlawful sale of government owned lands.


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