A parliamentarian identifies 3 steps to end the “electricity war” in Iraq

iraqi news

Information / Baghdad. On Saturday, a member of the House of Representatives named three steps that could be taken to end Iraq’s electricity war, pointing out that the sanctions would not stop them.

“The country witnesses from time to time a series of attacks targeting electricity transmission lines, whether in Diyala or elsewhere, which leads to crises in energy supplies,” Al-Anbaki stated in an interview with Al-Maalouma.

He added, “The focusing on tasks are not tumultuous and are occurring on significant lines in different districts, which brings up many issue marks.”

“There are three steps to end the electricity war, including:,” the representative explained. uncovering the character of those behind it and uncovering those supporting the damage tasks, as well as multiplying the punishments further to be more rigid with activities that are basically psychological militant, since they lead to subverting significant tomahawks in the nation’s foundations.” “.

He brought up that “power interests, inner and outer objectives, and psychological militant demonstrations are the titles behind the power battle in Iraq,” focusing “the need of reexamining field designs and embracing present day systems for checking and follow-up.”

More than ten direct targeting operations were carried out on transportation lines in 2023, particularly in Diyala and Salah al-Din.


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