A Concerned Parliamentarian Is Surprised That The “Oil And Gas” Law Has Not Been Approved Yet.. What Does He Need?

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On Thursday, Representative Sajjad Salem of the Parliamentary Legal Committee discussed the Oil and Gas Law.

In a statement to the “Earth News” agency, Salem explained that the Iraqi Council of Representatives has not yet received the proposed law as it is still in the draft stage. In order for the law to be passed, there needs to be a political agreement between the different political blocs. Currently, there are disagreements on the issue and negotiations between the center and the region are ongoing regarding the oil and gas law.

He emphasized the significance of implementing the oil and gas law in our state, given that we are a major producer of these resources. It is concerning that this law has not been enacted yet, as it is necessary to adhere to the constitution’s provisions on wealth sharing, management, and joint oil field management. Additionally, the decisions of the Federal Court must be acknowledged as binding and integral to the law’s implementation.


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