10 files on the table of the joint Iraqi-Jordanian committee… A final statement detailing the talks

10 files on the table of the joint Iraqi-Jordanian committee… A final statement detailing the talks

On Monday evening, Iraq and Jordan issued the final statement of the Joint Iraqi-Jordanian Committee, which discussed 10 different files, including the strengthening of bilateral relations at the level of trade, security and energy, and files related to the internal affairs of the two countries, and external ones, including the Palestinian issue, and the issue of abuse of the Holy Qur’an and the religion of Islam.

According to the Al-Khatami statement, which was reported to Shafaq News Agency, the agreement was signed in Baghdad by the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani and the Jordanian Prime Minister and Defense Minister Wabashar al-Khasawneh.

The two sides confirmed the strength and strategy of the historic and long-standing brotherly relationship, which connects the two brotherly countries, and which constitutes a unique model of strong brotherhood based on respect and compatibility of viewpoints and aspiration for more cooperation and joint coordination to interact with all challenges and the common desire to develop and strengthen bilateral relations in a wider and broader way, serving the common interests of the two brotherly countries.

It also considered Jordan, Iraq and its security as a “fundamental pillar of the region”, affirming its support for the efforts of the Iraqi government in achieving the aspirations of the Iraqi people after the historic victory achieved by Iraq al-Shaqiq over the terrorist gangs, and standing absolutely on the side of Iraq al-Shaqiq in these efforts.

Al-Quds and the Qur’an

The two sides also discussed several Arab issues, primarily the Palestinian issue, and efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, and confirmed the continuity of action, coordination, and consultation in their efforts; To solve regional crises and to serve Arab issues and interests, to ensure the security and stability of the region.

Al-Iraq emphasized the importance of the historical Hashemite guardianship over the Islamic and Christian holy places in the city of Al-Quds, and its protection in protecting these holy places and preserving their Arabic, Islamic and Christian identity and the legal and historical status of them.

He urged all of Iraq and Jordan to condemn the repeated practice of burning the Holy Quran, which arouses the hearts and feelings of Muslims all over the world, and calls on the countries to respect the opinions and sanctities of others and calls on the countries to bear their responsibilities in the face of all the bad actions, which feed the feelings of hatred and racism.

Trade exchange

The discussions between Baghdad and Oman focused on the mechanisms of increasing the volume of commercial exchange and the importance of expanding the horizons of joint cooperation in the economic, commercial and investment fields, and supporting the private sector in increasing the volume of commercial exchange between the two countries in the fields of industry, energy, investment, transportation, agriculture, environment, and the fields of health and education.

Finally, both sides emphasized the importance of overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of improving the level of bilateral relations and the need for joint action to develop economic and commercial relations, which is the main pillar supporting these relations.

During the discussions, he stressed the importance of implementing what you agreed upon during the 29th session of the Iraqi-Jordanian Joint Committee and the documents you signed at the end of its proceedings.

The Triple Alliance

In addition to the three-fold framework, it was emphasized that the necessary measures should be taken to implement the outcomes of the Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian Trilateral Summit, which was held last in Baghdad on 27/6/2021, and the most important implementation of projects and the creation of partnerships aimed at achieving the maximum benefit of the Memorandum of Understanding for Industrial Integration (Iraqi, Jordanian, and Egyptian) which entered into force in the three countries.

Al Madinah Economic

As discussed by both parties, the latest developments and developments regarding the progress of the joint economic city project, and the request of the Iraqi Jordanian Industry Company, which is owned equally by the Iraqi and Jordanian governments and is responsible for the implementation of the economic city project, to continue the work at an increasing pace to start the implementation of the project on the ground according to the specified schedule.

Energy file

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening cooperation in the field of energy and reviewing the measures taken by the two cities to complete the project of the electrical connection, the first phase: (supplying the wet area in the Iraqi side with a voltage of 132 kph), and the second phase: (supplying the Al-Qaim area in the Iraqi side with a voltage of 400 kph), emphasizing that all efforts should be made to complete the connection process according to the specified schedule.

They also discussed the latest developments regarding the pipeline for the export of Iraqi oil through the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from Al-Aqaba port, as an additional outlet for the export of Iraqi oil through Jordanian territory, and welcomed the extension of the memorandum of understanding to supply the Jordanian side with Iraqi oil and study the possibility of increasing the amount of oil processed, according to technical and logistical capabilities.

Alfiza and Naql

You agree to facilitate the procedures for granting entry visas through the diplomatic missions of the two countries as soon as possible.

Emphasizing the importance of raising the level of food security and strengthening food integration and increasing the strategic stock of strategic commodities in the two countries.

In the field of transport, both parties emphasized the importance of the transport sector in the two cities, mainly in supporting economic growth, creating job opportunities and motivating those involved in the field of transport in the two cities, to intensify communication and permanently to solve all the limited problems facing the sector in the two cities.

Health and investment

In the field of health, the two sides emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation and exchange of information in all aspects of health and pharmaceutical cooperation, including the mutual registration of medicines between the two countries and facilitating the registration of Iraqi medicines in Jordan.

In the field of promoting and supporting investment, the two sides reviewed the investment environment in the two cities and agreed on the formation of a joint Iraqi-Jordanian working group on investment matters with the aim of facilitating investors from both sides, and speeding up procedures related to their investments in both countries.


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